Polkamon NFT Dragons Fly to Elrond Blockchain

The popular Polkamon non-fungible token (NFT) collection is migrating to a new home on the Elrond network to enhance the user experience.

In an April 7 announcement, the creators of the popular Polkamon NFT collection of animated dragons and other creatures stated that it has entered into a long-term partnership to bring the ‘Manifold Universe’ of Polkamon to Elrond.

The project cited gas fees as the primary reason for making the switch. These particular NFTs, though backed by the Polkadot-powered Polkastarter exchange , are minted on the Ethereum network.

The platform stated that it wanted to make the digital collection more accessible by enhancing speed and convenience.

Polkamon is Going Cross-Chain with @ElrondNetwork ! 
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