Revolut opens its bank in 10 European markets

Revolut , a British fintech company with over 15 million customers worldwide, announced today, March 4th, 2021, that it has opened its bank in 10 European markets , namely Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.
Customers in these countries can already now update the Revolut app and take advantage of these additional banking services guaranteed by the new licence.
This new type of account could offer customers more control, value and security than many traditional players, according to the press release issued today.
Virgilijus Mirkės , CEO of Revolut Bank, said:
“Revolut is now the fastest growing fintech company in Europe because we put the customer at the heart of everything that we do. Our product design is second to none, we have no hidden fees, and we are constantly building new and innovative financial products. Launching the bank in ten new European markets will provide a greater level of security and confidence for our customers, and will enable us to launch a host of new products and services in the near future”.
Revolut expands its bank
Already during the past year, Revolut started to expand its bank in Poland and Lithuania and thus began offering credit products in both countries. Now, this banking licence is expanding to eight more European countries, allowing the company to provide banking services through the same app that customers are used to.
The latest news about Revolut
At the beginning of February, the company announced that 2,000 employees would be able to take advantage of flexible working , seeing how the Coronavirus pandemic affecting the world has led to greater digitization of work.
At the end of December, Revolut launched its new Plus card , which allows greater protection in the event of theft, damage or non-return policies of up to one thousand euros a year.
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