Cardano (ADA) Adds Glow to its List of Development Languages

Cardano has confirmed that its latest devnet will support Glow. This is the latest in the list of development languages that are coming to the ADA ecosystem.

In a video released in December of 2020, ADA founder Charles Hoskinson outlined how the company planned to support the strategic, long-term goal of opening cryptocurrency network Cardano to numerous development languages. The latest language it will support is Glow .

In a recent blog post , IOHK (the company behind Cardano) announced it would be rolling out a new development environment to support Glow. This venture builds off the success of the accelerated K Ethereum Virtual Machine (KEVM) program. Implementing these types of frameworks enables developers to work across all ecosystems easily. 

NEW BLOG: Announcing our very latest DevNet program, bringing further developer options on #Cardano . Glow is a new multi-platform domain-specific language (DSL) that will allow #smartcontracts developers to write once – and deploy to many — Input Output (@InputOutputHK) February 26, 2021 An ADA Community Match

Glow, created by François-René Rideau (known to some as Fare) of Mutual Knowledge Systems, is a domain-specific language (DSL) that enables anyone to write verifiable Decentralized Applications (DApps).

A noted Cybernetician since 2014, Rideau’s initial impression of the ADA community was positive. Recognizing a similar desire to “do things right,” he quickly realized it was the network he wanted to port the DSL he had created.

Rideau’s company, Mutual Knowledge Systems or MuKu (Moon), is built around Glow as a programming language. It was initially born out of a desire to scale smart contracts. Rideau soon realized that the language and logic would help everyone working in the ADA and decentralized space.

He considers Glow to be a much better way of writing applications compared to other languages. This is because it was built as a tool to create the most secure DApps in existence and minimize the extreme risk in writing one. 

The Powers of Simplicity and Abstraction

Rideau credits the powers of simplicity in helping his team keep the code safe. Checking one thousand lines of code for a bug is significantly easier than checking one million. 

Some of Glow’s power lies in its portability. It currently works on Cardano and Ethereum (ETH), and will reportedly work with any advanced blockchain network. Ideally, it will enable developers to run on whichever blockchain is the best for them. 
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